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Уважаемые посетители.

Игровой клуб - интеллектуальная дуэль с живыми людьми, несмотря на расстояния.

Встроенный чат позволяет общаться в свободной обстановке.

Вы можете находиться за игровым столом не только в качестве игрока, но и наблюдателя,

учиться у опытных игроков и смотреть за происходящим со стороны, получая дополнительные знания.

Dear visitors.

It is interesting to play favorite and familiar games. We have tried to collect in our system most popular games,

you can play with real opponents. It offers the preference, springboard and translated fool,

Bela, point, Boer goat, TIC-TAC-toe, backgammon, dominoes and even Monopoly!

Most games presented here, we have tried to keep the classic rules.

At the table to gather everyone to follow the progress of the game and learn from experienced players.

The built-in chat allows you to communicate and find partners to play and discuss gaming news in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gaming club You are not playing with the machine, You are competing in an intellectual duel with a real enemy.

Despite the fact that you share miles.

You can send an instant message to an opponent and receive a reply without interrupting the game.

In the project we implemented the ability to sit down at the table as an observer

and watch from the sidelines, getting additional knowledge.