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Retractable Banners, Trade Show Booths & Rentals

retractable roll up banner toronto canada,Looking to promote a new product or showcase your new service offerings? Well Inkdoodle.ca has the perfect solution for you. Since our launch of our new business products for trade show roll up banners many of our customers have been ordering our high quality 33" x 80" retractable roll up banners.
The current promotion and price for each trade show roll up banner is $60 which includes the hardware, free 80«x33» print and a carrying case. Perfect for our customers who travel to trade shows across Canada and the USA. Our banner material is made out of high quality double blockout thick vinyl material. This material is anti wrinkle and anti curl. Even when the material is bent for a while it forms back to a nice smooth straight form. We’ve seen too many banners over time wrinkle and curl. With our solution we provide you a high quality print without decreasing the quality with an affordable price.
For our out of town guests that are travelling to Toronto and need to order and have our team drop these off at a local convention center please contact us. Send us your digital art work for your trade show banner, we’ll print it and drop it off at your convention center in Toronto or other city in the GTA. Altenatively you may pick up your banner in our office at 145 Riviera drive unit 1, Markham, Ontario.
Trade show banners are not the only hot items we sell. We also offer promotional items such as logo pens, logo coasters, metal prints, advertising flags and more.
Prices are subject to change.
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