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I'm so honored and that means so much to me. What is so cool is I was looking back at our past interviews, and in the first one from season seven you told me about the eighth grade paper you wrote in school about wanting to be a role model for others. And in the in-studio interview we did last summer, in the midst of talking about Quinn you still brought up wanting to inspire and touch people lives. So it was always there for you. I know it was always in your heart to help others. And now you're receiving messages from girls saying how much you inspired them and they're quoting you on their mirrors at school next to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe! So wonderful!

Beijing is visited by 140 million visitors in a year from all over the world. Around 4.4 million people visit Beijing every year. Most of the people from USA, UK, CANADA and EUROPE love to stay there for a day. If you are visiting Beijing, certainly you would love the technological art at international airport of the city.

March 10th is «Middle Name Pride Day» and encourages us to celebrate our middle name. As one who has never been fond of my middle name, it takes great courage for me to celebrate it. While I'm not ready to reveal my middle name just yet, I'll give you a hint. I was named after a famous country singer.

Tea travels to many countries. Each country modifies the tea's processing methods, establishes new ways to drink tea, creates new tea recipes that are unique to that particular culture. It's interesting to see how tea is viewed in different cultures…

Each carried more than 500 pounds of tea. It took them almost 1 and 1/2 year to complete the trip from China to Russia.It took a long time, but tea finally reached Russia. By the beginning of the 20th century, the Trans-Siberian Railway was established. Now it took only 1 and 1/2 months for the tea to arrive at Russia. The popular teas in Russia now include Japan, Ceylon, India, and China.

Acceptance of the tea gifts means the woman's family has accepted the proposal. Acceptance here means to literally drink the tea. If the tea gift remains intact, it means the parents are hesitant about their daughter's marriage.

Made-to-dragon city — for the last decade, Chinese restaurants in East Tennessee have been dominated by buffets. This restaurant doesn't have a buffet. The food is made-to-order. And yes, there is a big difference in sweet & sour chicken made for one vs. sweet & sour chicken made for 50. Think if it like your grandma's homemade breakfast biscuits vs. those served in an Army chow line.

Each element has their own habitat. Hybrid monsters can stay in their respective element habitats as long as they have that element. For example, a Greenasaur has an element of Fire and Nature. Naturally, it can stay in either the Fire or Nature habitat.

The hotel that I stayed at supplied me with a menu for Hunan Dragon Three Chinese Restaurant In Atlanta, Georgia. I was grateful and also, I was very pleased with the large assortment of dishes that I found listed on the menu. The first thing that I noticed was that all dishes are MSG free. That was impressive. The next thing that I noticed on the menu was that this Chinese restaurant specializes in preparing carry out and delivery food. That fact was great considering I was making a delivery order. The words «Best foods in town» was on the menu and I had high hopes.

I spend my time between designing, jewelry making, my kids, the gym ( I simply love and need it!), my husband and our little teddy bear hamster Fifi.

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