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Enjoy each other's company on Christmas without the kids by having a wonderful home cooked dinner together. Make a delicious meal and light some candles. Talk about what brought you guys together and reminisce about the past. Having a fancy dinner together on Christmas is a great way to celebrate without kids.

A surprise party — Planning a party is a great way to bring friends and family together to celebrate your love. It doesn't have to be an expensive party--but it does have to correspond to the interests of both. A dinner party, picnic-and-barbecue, pool party, or restaurant gathering are all great ideas. Unless you've got a big budget, keep it simple--paper plates and potluck are all fine.

The problem with take-out is that what you order is not always eatable, palatable and the only recourse is to throw it out. I had this problem a few times with some of the local and not so local take out Chinese food stores and I promised myself never to dragon city over the telephone again. But I like Chinese food, and I figured burned once does not mean burned twice.

Tea on the street is a very nice and convenient way to enjoy a cup of refreshing tea while you are in a hurry or just want to sip tea in a new place other than the tea houses.

When celebrating Christmas without kids you have the ability to do whatever you want; this year try staying in bed with your loved one all day. Where some pretty pajamas, and eat fruit and light foods all day, and you will enjoy each other's company on Christmas without kids.

Take some time to think about what your life was like when you were at a weight you liked: What was your breakfast like? Your lunch? Your dinner? What did you do for exercise or how active were you just to get the daily errand list completed? What did you do for fun with your friends besides going out to eat?

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