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New Year’s Eve has not gone too well for Halit Mese, 24-year-old university student at Adana. Yesterday, on January the 1st, heavily drunk according to witnesses, he went to a police station and asked for a tea. Possibly grossed out by Halit Mese’s intoxication, policemen asked him to leave. «When we asked him to leave, he shouted at us ‘If I were a Kurd and sympathised PKK, you wouldn’t dismiss me’» says the policeman in charge, «and then, he started to insult the President.»

«Insulting the President»…

Disappointed with the harsh treatment of the policemen, Halit Mese probably criticized Erdogan. But in Turkey, you should be very very careful when speaking out against Erdogan because you can easily be accused of «Insulting the President». And beginning from a sentence of one year, the charges are not low.

The policemen who «loved» their country and «respected» the President shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t tolerate this «insult» the young man had done: Halit Mese was detained at the very police station he went to drink some tea. After a few hours, he was sent to a prosecutor.

In Erdogan's «New Turkey Era», as a prosecutor, if a suspect comes in front of you with the accusation of «Insulting the President» you don’t have much of a choice: You either order an arrest or wait for the Ministry of Justice to send you to exile in a small town with a demotion! That was what happened, just two weeks ago, to a prosecutor in Konya who released a suspect accused of «insulting the President».
According to Halit Mese’s lawyer, the prosecutor complained that he was under pressure and said «If I do not refer Mese to court for arrest, who knows what will happen to me later?»

With no surprise, the court decided to send Mese to jail.

Last week, another student, but this time a 16-year-old one, M.E.A was again sent to prison with the popular accusation but was released two days later, thanks to the protests of the opposition. Last month, Feyzi Isbasaran, an ex-MP of AKP, was again sent to jail for the same popular accusation.

In the last two weeks, lots of branches of the two main opposition parties CHP and MHP were raided by the police and the banners hung on their walls were seized with the same excuse: «Insulting the President». Humorously the only thing written on the banners was «Thief»! Thanks to the famous corruption and bribery scandal of December the 17th of 2013, saying «thief» means «insulting the President» even if you don’t necessarily name anyone!

Halit Mese has been the first in 2015 to commit the popular crime of «insulting the President».

Who will be next?


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