Steel Doors For Industrial And Commercial Buildings Supplied, Fitted And Maintained By Fix A Door

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When it come to brand-new buildings, or those which include alterations, extensions or modification of use, the appropriate Structure Laws use.

In addition to building policies, fire doors could likewise be required to abide by other codes and requirements to satisfy BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements, in addition to procurement requirements for responsible sourcing of materials such as those provided by forest certification and chain of custody needed under CPET regulations, which apply to ALL projects carried out by UK Government Public Sector and its firms.

Our Panel Fire Doors in these categories are suitable for use in both flats and residences and will suit a large range of requirements, whatever your home's décor. It is necessary to us that these internal fire doors or external fire doors satisfy the most extensive of fire policies whilst also looking excellent.

To fulfill the requirements of both designers and end users, we are proud to be able to provide a range of FIRE RATED services and products that are unsurpassed and can be employed where safety in case of fire is not jeopardized.

We can also provide Security Doors that have actually been tested by the LPCB and obtained accreditation as much as SR grade 3 & 4. The door sets are capable of withstanding knowledgeable attempts at forced entry using an option of power tools over an optimal test period of 20 minutes for the grade 3 & 30 minutes for grade 4 despite noise.

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