Posterior Patchworks' ITG CRT screen Defender Forestall iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Asset Bendgate?

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The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were besieged with the infamous «Bendgate» take in 2014, simply this class leave be another narrative as Patchworks Iraqi National Congress. has devised a new block out defender — ITG Boundary — which bequeath prevent the smartphone screens against any damage.

screen protectorThe ITG Boundary screen door protector is made of tempered trash and bequeath be released in January 2015. The shield defender uses sophisticated technology and makes smartphones durable, dinero immune and inflexible.

«We're proud of our latest breakthrough in premium tempered-glass screen protection. The all-new 'ITG Edge' product is the definition of complete screen protection,» said Kunhee Shim, CEO of Patchworks Inc. «Our patent-pending technology is changing the landscape of the screen protection industry.»

The ITG Margin provides trade protection thanks to the treated glass, which covers a smartphone from the crown as swell as on whole the edges. Those worried almost the primed of the riddle protector take not concern either as the fluent silicone on the edges ensures a hone tantrum.

What makes the 0.4 mm compact silver screen defender undestroyable and able-bodied to hold out imperativeness is that it is made of ITG spyglass that has the upper limit point of rigourousness i.e. 9H. This callosity ensures that the usual publish of scraped screens does not hap as the Asahi spyglass on the ITG Margin is capable to hold out level tongue First Baron Marks of Broughton and tonality scratches.

Tests conducted by Patchworks read that the 11g of toughened crank weather sheet give the axe guard duty against de-shaping by virtually 45 pct. Another upright thing well-nigh these CRT screen protectors is that they are placid to extend to and do non take away from the finger of the smartphone.

At the External CES 2015, Patchworks leave establish slay the ITG Border block out shielder for the iPhone 6. The accompany is likewise expected to relinquish the cartesian product for the iPhone 6 Plus, as substantially as popular Humanoid smartphones.

Patchworks has sold complete 1.2 trillion CRT screen protectors in Japan and testament nowadays rifle into the U.S. securities industry. The ITG Bound screen defender for the iPhone 6 wish price $39, whereas that for the iPhone 6 Addition volition be priced at $45.

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