When Will Xbox Live Be Back Up?

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II. Take a look at where you keep your Xbox 360, is it inside an entertainment unit or on a bookshelf. If it is, is there enough room for good air circulation around the machine. If the console is in an enclosed unit with your other technical equipment there will be a lot of heat that can build up and restrict the Xbox's performance.

Other ways to get free codes are from buying games that offer 48 hour access to xbox live (wow, two whole days! Where's my breathing apparatus?), keeping an eye out for when Microsoft does a free Xbox Live weekend promotional (not too often), or by asking the Xbox fairy to place free codes under your pillow while you sleep. Whatever you do, don't download a code generator. You're in a fantasy world if you think a piece of software, not associated with Microsoft, will somehow generate codes they'll honor. You're better off with the fairy.

Each offer you complete will allow you to earn credits or points which you can then redeem for your Xbox LIVE Gold membership. In order for this to work properly, the information you provide must be accurate, and any type of fraud will usually result in your account being deactivated and the loss of any points you may have already earned.

Avatar QuizCall for Xbox 360 is a one to four player trivia game that can be played at any time, unlike 1 vs. 100 which is only playable during scheduled times. The game also features over a thousand different questions.

If your tech lover needs a computer upgrade, a Macbook Pro is the way to go. Not only has Snow Leopard impressed even the toughest of critics, but it also a fun and versatile operating system to use. If you are looking for a way to transition your tech guy or gal from Windows to Mac, now might the perfect time to do so.

xbox live gold Gold memberships can be paid monthly, quarterly (every 3 months) or annually (every 12 months). Annual, or 12 month, memberships are the most convenient and also the most budget friendly. Depending on where you buy your membership, you can also get a 13th month for free so shop carefully! When you opt for a 12 month membership it will cost you $49.99; this works out to be a little more than $4.15 a month. That's probably less then the cost of a gaming magazine.

The fielding is controlled in an odd way really, but once you've played it a few times you'll get it down. You control all the outfield and infield players at the same time. You run right, and everyone runs right, and vice verse. Once you get a handle on where the ball is going, you can position yourself underneath it easily. There are no markers like in today's baseball games to tell you where it's gonna land. The throwing is simple enough using the D pad. Right is first base, up is second base, left is third base, and down is home. You can steal bases during a pitch by pressing B and Up, and can throw people out by pressing b and whatever base they are at.

Brett was nice enough to answer some questions about the title, the overall process of creating and publishing a Community game, and plans for Hall Entertainment going forward.

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