Saudi Arabia to raise More workers from Bangladesh

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Saudi Arabian Peninsula wants to enlistee to a greater extent hands from Bangladesh than what it victimized to every class before the 2008 cast out.

Saudi Deputy Diplomatic minister of Toil for External Personal matters Ahmad ABA transit number Fahad Al Fuhaid expressed the pursuit when he named on Bloom Minister Arab chief Hasina on Monday at Ganabhaban.

Subsequently the meeting, Hasina’s Bid Escritoire AKM Shamim Chowdhury told reporters that the Saudi lieutenant rector conveyed his country’s want to rent More workers from Bangla Desh.

Ahmad BIN Fahad aforesaid Bangladeshi workers were really hard-operative and fold and they were contributive greatly to Saudi economic system.

He besides told the select rector that the hands recruitment costs and work on would be handled by common soldier agencies.

Hasina told him that Bangladesh would send workers subsequently grooming them on Saudi language, laws and manners.

Both of them had verbalised gratification all over the bilateral dealings.

The realm upraised a seven-class proscription on hiring Asian country workers concluding month.

It recruited approximately 150,000 Bangladeshis each class until 2008, according to that country’s Chest of Manpower, Usage and Grooming.

Pursual the prohibition on hiring of workers in trapping and agricultural sectors, the yearbook fair of recruitment from People's Republic of Bangladesh plummeted to about 10,000.

According to administrative unit figures, just about 1.3 zillion Bangladeshis at present operate in Saudi Arabia, devising the oil-copious realm the largest work force commercialize for East Pakistan.

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