Saudi-Arabian Arabia to recruit Sir Thomas More workers from Bangladesh

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Saudi Arabia wants to enlistee Sir Thomas More hands from People's Republic of Bangladesh than what it put-upon to every twelvemonth before the 2008 banish.

umreSaudi Arabian Lieutenant Curate of Travail for International Personal matters Ahmad ABA transit number Fahad Al Fuhaid verbalised the interestingness when he named on Prime quantity Diplomatic minister Arab chief Hasina on Mon at Ganabhaban.

Afterward the meeting, Hasina’s Insistency Secretarial assistant AKM Shamim Chowdhury told reporters that the Saudi surrogate rector conveyed his country’s want to lease More workers from East Pakistan.

Ahmad BIN Fahad aforesaid Bangladeshi workers were identical hard-functional and faithful and they were contributory greatly to Saudi economic system.

He as well told the prime quantity government minister that the hands enlisting costs and work would be handled by private agencies.

Hasina told him that People's Republic of Bangladesh would send workers subsequently grooming them on Saudi-Arabian language, Laws and manners.

Both of them had explicit satisfaction o'er the two-sided relations.

The kingdom lifted a seven-twelvemonth prohibition on hiring Asian country workers utmost calendar month.

It recruited around 150,000 Bangladeshis for each one year until 2008, according to that country’s Bureau of Manpower, Exercise and Breeding.

Followers the censor on hiring of workers in housing and agrarian sectors, the annual norm of recruitment from Bangladesh plummeted to about 10,000.

According to administrative unit figures, near 1.3 billion Bangladeshis directly put to work in Asian country Arabia, devising the oil-plenteous kingdom the largest work force market for Bangla Desh.

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