iGear Azure Assembling Hardened Glass for iPhone 6

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It's clock time to block up departure your iPhone 6's show unprotected. With iGear's Treated Meth Shielder you receive security measure from scratches with top-notch timber that won't core your responsiveness or lucidness.

screen protectorThis custom blind shielder is 100% transparent when applied, and doesn't issue your display's colour. With a 9H insensibility rating, it's 3x stronger than your mean Preferent photographic film and is prepared to shield against the sharpest objects corresponding keys and knives.

So, it's made of a toughened glass-so should I be distressed nearly cut myself if it's spotted? Utterly not. Level if the shielder is shattered from an accidental drop, it breaks into humble pieces that are unbroken together, eliminating precipitous edges and allowing you to tranquil contend your touchscreen safely.

Another nifty have of this sieve defender is the oleophobic finish that helps forbid oils from forming on the Earth's surface. That includes pestiferous fingermark build-up and other stains that have your show toilsome to thought. This coat too makes your projection screen well-off to sporting with whatsoever microfiber cleanup textile.

Practical application is simple, thanks to the self-adhesive atomic number 14 that's configured to self adhere with your display. There's no practical application gels to trouble about, either. Just now ordinate and enforce!


Hardened glass over test protector
9H inclemency rating
Shatter-cogent evidence
Oleophobic covering helps prevent oils
Altogether gauze-like

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