USA crushed by South Africa in second game of USA Rugby Las Vegas Sevens - Denver rugby

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The USA Sevens Rugby team lost its second straight Pool B match to South Africa Saturday with the USA Sevens International Rugby Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In the initial half, the Eagles were not able get past a stiff defense and were shutout as South Africa ran up 24 unanswered points.
Nick Edwards opened the next half to the USA which has a try (unconverted), and Marco Barnard scored his second try (converted) with the tournament to take the Eagles' total to 12.
The 33-12 loss was the USA's second from the day having dropped an in depth 14-12 match against an effective Fiji team earlier.
Both Fiji and South Africa advance towards the Cup Quarter Finals on Sunday. The loss to South Africa marks the fourth straight IRB Sevens World Series event where the Eagles happen to be relegated to the Bowl Quarter Finals.
The USA finishes pool play for dinner against a struggling Canadian Side. Canada also lost its two pool matches to South Africa and Fiji.
The USA Sevens Tournament will be the largest annual rugby event in North America and is also one of eight international venues for that International Rugby Board's (IRB) World Series. This may be the seventh year the United States has hosted the wedding.
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