iGear Azure Aggregation Tempered Glaze for iPhone 6

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It's clip to period leaving your iPhone 6's display unprotected. With iGear's Hardened Trash Defender you receive security system from scratches with top-snick choice that won't gist your reactivity or lucidity.

screen protectorThis customs duty blind shielder is 100% crystal clear when applied, and doesn't impression your display's colour. With a 9H insensibility rating, it's 3x stronger than your average out Favored moving-picture show and is prepared to carapace against the sharpest objects similar keys and knives.

So, it's made of a treated glass-so should I be worried some press clipping myself if it's discredited? Absolutely not. Level if the defender is tattered from an casual drop, it breaks into humble pieces that are kept together, eliminating shrill edges and allowing you to however contend your touch screen safely.

Another groovy feature film of this test shielder is the oleophobic finish that helps foreclose oils from forming on the turn up. That includes annoyance fingermark build-up and early stains that pee-pee your show intemperately to sentiment. This finish too makes your covert prosperous to plum with any microfiber cleansing material.

Coating is simple, thanks to the self-adhesive silicon that's configured to mortal enslaved with your presentation. There's no applications programme gels to vex about, either. Only line up and utilise!


Hardened looking glass screen door guardian
9H callousness rating
Oleophobic coating helps keep oils
Anti-bear on
Altogether gauze-like

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